The service you will receive through Javier Tellez is based on honesty and professionalism. He and his wife Vida Tellez have worked as a team for several years known as "Tellez Team". Coincidentally, the two are originally from historically colonial cities full of traditions and cultural values. Javier was born in Puebla, Mexico and his wife in Granada, Nicaragua. Their motto is "a family helping another family", which translates into empathy: to think about the needs of their clients at all times. All this, based on their own experience as homeowners and parents of two children that, like all parents who love their family, should take into account when trying to buy or sell their house to relocate to a different area such as security, quality of the schools, and the economic and comprehensive development that will benefit their own. Call them now; they will certainly meet your expectations. 

9670 Central Ave, Montclair, CA 91763
Corp Tel: (909) 568-9151
Corp Email: tellezteamrealtors@gmail.com


Tel: (909) 568-9151
9670 Central Ave, Montclair, CA 91763