I was born in Nicaragua on June 4, 1979, and I am the youngest of 4 siblings and very proud of my culture and my family. I graduated very young from High School and started the University at 16 years of age, studying Business Administration Career, following the steps of my father as a great entrepreneur who is and has been. In my country, I love being always involved in art, music, folklore and modeling in Nicaragua, representing the culture in theaters, my university and doing fashion shows, and at the same time helping the most needy ones in non-profit organizations with my dad, because he has been part of the committee of the Lion’s Club. When my parents divorced, my mother decided to come to the US, and when I saw that she was alone without a family, I decided to leave everything I was doing at my young age in Nicaragua, to accompany and support my mother. My mother and I have been inseparable for many years, she has been my support, my confident, my best friend and my great support in overcoming. When I arrived in the US, the first thing done was my studies on Acting at Estudios Bellas Artes accomplishing my dreams, but the side of Businesswoman has been a force that has attracted me to Innovate, overcome and help . I have always tried to study and prepare myself to continue my education. I met my husband in the market of Home Loans, and with whom I am happily married and have two beautiful and lovely children. We have built our own Company since 2009 and We have been helping many people in the loan process. In 2011 I studied to be an Immigration Consultant, because I see a great need in our Immigrant Community, in the assistance of legal documents in the proper manner, and I have worked with different lawyers where I have obtained greater knowledge. Since 2011 my husband and I owned our company for Immigration Affairs. Let me tell you that my husband was the first one to become a Real Estate Agent, and he and I have many things in common, as we like the media, we have held events, belonged to Committee of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Pomona and now we have a Radio Show called Latinos y Exitosos, on Radio Nueva Visión 87.7 fm, where we talk about motivation, spiritual, immigration and, of course, Real Estate matters. I am very active in my church, and I am a Sunday bible teacher of children and of course not leaving aside my talents in music, I belong to the Worship group, to put them at the service of God. With my new profession in Real Estate, my vision and passion is never lost, and is to continue helping to reach the goals and dreams that my clients have, as well as I have achieved them myself. When you love what you do and serve to the fullest, with professionalism and with Integrity, blessings fall on their own, and God blesses you triple. Now my husband and I, form our Tellez Team. And remember, the sky is the limit.

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